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VICTORIA receiving an award

Victoria Mumba: First female CEO at ZIBFS

WHEN she was in primary school, her father told her that she was university material who would serve the nation at a higher level, the words still ring in Victoria Chanda Mumba’s head, the newly, appointed Zambia Institute of Banking and Financial Services Chief-Executive Officer (CEO).

Now Victoria is seeing his father’s words unfolding as she rises through the ranks of the institute which she joined ten years ago.

A think tank who does not blink when she is speaking of what she believes in, Victoria is also a business executive and strategist, who brings with her a diverse professional mix in strategic management, banking and finance, training and skills development and marketing.
“I never imagined that at the age of 39, I will head the institute as the first female CEO since its establishment 26 years ago. When I walked into the institute as a consultant in 2007, I never imagined reaching this far.
“I believe hard work, determination and self-belief has brought me this far. Also my goal to be an internationally recognised executive who contributes to the growth of the economy, both locally and globally, through the provision of sound strategic and financial management, practical financial education has contributed to steadily rising through the ranks,” she said.
A holder of a Masters of Business Administration-Finance (MBA-Finance) from the Copperbelt University, with a major in Strategic and Financial Management, Victoria also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree with a major in Banking & Finance, and International Business.
She has over 10 years working experience, most of which is at a senior management level. Victoria’s educational background, work experience and strong value systems have strengthened her leadership skills.
In 2016 she spearheaded the curriculum development and implementation of the first ever Certified Credit Professional Programme, thereby improving the product range and revenue of the institute.
She also spearheaded the development and launch of the first ever Professional Diploma and Advanced Professional Diploma in Banking & Financial Services programmes.
Victoria, who also represents the institute as a full Executive Board Member of the Alliance of African Institutes (AAIOB), said heading the institution has given her a big platform to turn it into a preferred modern learning institution professionals in the sector.
“The financial institute is a key sector which can directly or indirectly affect the nation financial sector, the reason I want to ensure that the institute plays a pivotal role in bridging the knowledge gap in the financial sector because if something goes wrong in the sector, negative effects are seen in other sectors as well,” Victoria said.
She wants to build her story at the institute and leave a legacy that she was a woman who pioneered the development of highly qualified professionals in the financial sector who will help to build on the goals set by Government in the financial sector.
Victoria has also her hands-on experience in corporate strategy formulation and management, financial management, operations management, training and skills development, curriculum development, and marketing.
Apart from contributing effectively to the financial sector, Victoria is a woman intent on making an imprinting to supporting a higher representation of female leadership. She is also a strong advocate of girl-child education and equal employment opportunities for all.
She has a unique taste when it comes to issues of girl child and women empowerment.
“I believe that what a man can do, a woman can do even much better because there are unique qualities that God has put in a woman that enable them to flourish”.
Vitoria who describes herself as a simple girl from a humble background and who focused on education, believes anything that comes as a challenge is a footstep to achieving greater things.
She is inspired by women whom she describes as great in the country who have made it to the top and has contributed a lot to the banking and financial sector and political development of the nation.
The women are Bank of Zambia Deputy Governor Tukiya Kankasa-Mabula, Barclays Bank Zambia boss Mizinga Melu and the country’s first Vice President Inonge Wina.
She described the three women’s achievements as an inspiration to her pursuit of career growth and they are motherly but have also achieved a lot.
Victoria is married to Emmanuel Mumba whom she described as a great pillar in her career progression and together they fellowship at Bread of Life Church.
Born in 1979, Victoria is the fifth born in the family of 12 and credits her parents for impacting her lives by teaching her family values, to love God and people.
“My entire family has been a great support and inspiration, especially my late father Pascal Chanda who was and still remains my greatest role model who made me believe in myself at a younger age,” she said.
A Christian, Victoria also believes that being courageous and taking considered risks is the secret to enjoying a supercharged career.
Victoria believes this generation is for the women to thrive through empowerment, a cause for which she wants to be remembered.
“I want to live a legacy of helping women and young girls unlock their leadership skills at all levels of society, to ensure that they have access to education, to give a helping hand and change people’s fortune,” she said