Letter to the Editor

Vendors are back on the streets

Dear editor,
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu last year directed the men and women in uniform to clean the central business district of Lusaka in the wake of the cholera outbreak.It was a rare experience that cholera broke out during the hot season (October).
The disease claimed so many lives across the country with Lusaka recording the highest number.
The military personnel did the best they could to remove street vendors from the central business district of Lusaka. The vendors were contributing to the filthy state of the city.
The soldiers manned the central business district from December last year to April this year. After they left, street vendors started trooping back to the streets. This negates the whole purpose of keeping Lusaka clean, green and healthy.
Street vendors have been invading town especially in the evenings to sell their merchandise.
The combined team of council and Zambia police officers last Monday morning apprehended some street vendors for trading in the central business district. This is a good move because sanity will be restored in town.
In the quest to stop street vending, there is need for the local authority to come up with a by-law on street vending if there isn’t any in place. There must be sanity in our towns for hygiene purposes.

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