All vehicles to pay fees

Toll booth.

ALL vehicles will now be required to pay road user fees ranging from K10 to K250 when toll booths are installed by the end of the year, Road Development Agency (RDA) senior public relations manager Loyce Saili has said.
Exemptions will only apply to the motorcade of the President, the Vice President, Military vehicles inclusive of police, emergency vehicles such as ambulances, and vehicles carrying blood and tissue banks.
In an interview on Monday at the 51st Zambia International Trade Fair whose theme is ‘Prosperity through Business Reforms and Linkages’, Ms Saili said toll booths will be installed as temporal facilities until the completion of the toll plaza infrastructures.
She the tolling programme is new in the country and will require massive sensitisation for people to understand its benefits and the objective of the user pay principle, as an innovative and self-financing mechanism for road rehabilitations.
“It is difficult to construct and maintain roads and since all vehicles will now be required to pay, we shall embark on major sensitisation, and the onus will be on RDA to build and maintain roads,” Ms Saili said.
Vehicles will be made to pay fees at every toll gate and can pay in advance depending on the destination and the number of pay points that have been installed along the roads. The system will initially use the cash payment system where motorists will be given receipts upon payment but eventually other cashless payment forms such as using electronic cards will be considered.
She said 26 sites have since been identified where RDA is currently constructing the first six toll plaza facilities at Kapiri Mposhi, Manyumbi in Masaiti, Mwanawasa Stadium (west bound traffic passing through Ndola) and Kamfinsa (east bound traffic passing through Kitwe, Kafulafuta, Kasumbalesa and Choma.
“Thirty toll booths have been procured but for now, only six will be installed at selected sites, and hopefully they will be operational by end of the year since our engineers are on the ground,” Ms Saili said.
She said the tolling programme started in 2013 with the target then was heavy vehicles weighing above 6,500 kilogrammes but, following installation of toll plazas, all vehicles will be required to pay road user fees.
Cars, vans, mini buses paying between K10 and K15 while buses will pay K60 with heavy vehicles paying K80 and abnormal loads paying K250.

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