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I have vast experience – Nevers

MMD president Nevers Mumba says he has the leadership experience needed for him to be Zambia’s sixth President.
Dr Mumba says during the President Levy Mwanawasa’s reign he was vice-president and when the head of State went out of the country.
“When you chose Nevers Mumba on 20 January, he will not be experimenting,” Dr Mumba said.
“I have ruled Zambia as a Vice-President when President Mwanawasa used to leave the country in my hands. We have ruled this country we will not be experimenting when we start ruling.”
Dr Mumba said that having also served Zambia as Ambassador to Canada, he has unmatched experience among the 11 presidential candidates.
Dr Mumba said at a rally at Comet Ground in Kabwe on Thursday that only the MMD can provide the desired political leadership.
He said he is leader of the new MMD and that his party lost in 2011 because of the wrongs it committed while in office.
“This MMD is not the MMD of the past which you knew because the one who is leading now is a pastor who wants Zambia to move forward in the fear of God and the things we have promised we will do,” Dr Mumba told the gathering.
Dr Mumba promised to create jobs, re-introduce subsides on fuel and agricultural inputs and introduce free education.
He also pledged that his government would lower the price of mealie-meal, construct more health facilities, and improve healthcare services.
He said time has come for Zambia to have a President who is a pastor as the first President was a teacher and others who followed were a trade unionist, a lawyer, a farmer and a policeman.