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Varsity students union case dismissed

Supreme Court.

THE Constitutional Court has dismissed a petition by the Zambia National Students’ Union challenging threats by Minister of High Education Nkando Luo to ban students’ unions in universities.

In this case, the student body alleged that Professor Luo had on several occasions threatened to ban student union activities, and that she has since banned the said activities at Mulungushi University and the University of Zambia.
It was submitted that the action by Prof Luo is a denial and suppression of the students’ freedom of expression.
In her defence, Prof Luo said, through her lawyers, that the Constitutional Court has no jurisdiction to hear the case.
In a ruling delivered in Lusaka by Constitutional Court Judge Palan Mulonda, the petition was dismissed, as Article 28 of the Constitution is clear when it comes to enforcing rights and freedoms under the Bill of Rights.
Mr Justice Mulonda said the case can be properly heard in the High Court as it is the only court that has constitutional jurisdiction to determine rights and freedoms under the Bill of Rights.

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