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The vanity of men mistreating wives

A MAN walked out on his wife a few years ago because he felt she was not good enough for him.
The woman usually found herself spending nights alone at home with her four children while the husband was out with one of his girlfriends.
Sometimes, he could even take some of his girlfriends to his house and ignore the wife complain that even if he was promiscuous, the least he could do was respect her and the children.
Such people are quick to tell the world how nagging such wives are but surely which sane woman would tolerate a husband taking his girlfriends to their house.
This went on for a while until the women could not take it anymore. She moved out with her children. As is usually the case, families sat down to try and iron out the problems and for the sake of the children, she agreed to move back.
Six weeks later, her husband was back to his old ways of spending nights away from home, returning home late, and flaunting his affairs to his wife.
Seeing that the relationship was getting from bad to worse, she decided to live her own life and ignore the husband.
One fateful day, the husband dropped his children and school and went off to work. By the end of the day, the man and children did not return and the woman only got a call from the school that the children were still waiting to be picked up.
Shedropped everything and rushed to the school. She was worried that probably her husband had been involved in a road accident.
He did not call and never returned home. Even his mobile phone was off. She did not sleep a wink that night, not even his friends had an idea where he was.
The day that followed, she went to his office and found him working normally. It was business as usual. The man had moved out and moved in with his girlfriend.
He acted so irresponsibly such that he did not even bother to pick up his children merely because he wanted to be away from his wife.
He walked out of his family only with the clothes on his back.
The woman was tired and decided to forget about the man she once fell in love with.
The man still lives with his girlfriend. They say what goes around, comes around. He is the one who now waits up for his girlfriend, who enjoys partying.
But his wife has moved on and is not interested in even given anyone time to try and convince her to get back with her estranged husband. She had it with him.
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