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Valentine’s Day: What’s your colour?

Fashion Trends with ANGELA CHISHIMBA
LAST Wednesday was Valentine’s Day, and as usual, like past years, there were a lot of red outfits spotted around town.

Red is the colour of love and people who wear it are perceived to be more sexually appealing than those wearing other colours.
However, some deliberately stayed away from red and opted to wear other colours.
The question is do we know the meaning of the different colours on this love filled day? shares the meaning of the different colours.
Are you tired of being single? And eager to find your love or soul mate who could spend their rest of the life with you happily? Then you must choose “Blue”. Blue means you are awaiting your “happily ever after partner”. Indicate by wearing a blue dress that you are single and ready to mingle and anyone interested can approach. Wearing blue gives the clue that you are free to accept the proposal.
Green says that you are waiting for your expected love. Waiting is the most romantic thing that can ever happen to a person. Waiting for someone to accept your proposal will make your days more memorable with all cute and romantic happenings you will experience. Wear Green on Valentine’s Day to let your loved one know that you are eagerly waiting for their reply.
All gifts, pictures and anything that is related to love will be in Red colour. This is because red is symbol of romance. Likewise, wearing red means that you are already in love with someone.
Black denotes that your proposal has been rejected. If you want your girl/guy to know that you are sad because of their rejection, or if you want anyone else to know that your proposal got rejected, choose black dress on that day. Letting others know about your love status can create sympathy or be a way of letting them know that you are free for a new proposal.
White dress conveys that you are already reserved so that no one reaches or proposes you.
Orange colour denotes that you are going to propose your girl/guy on Valentine‘s day.
This cute pink color means your proposal was accepted with no conditions this color would be the “most wanted to see” on Valentine’s Day because those who proposed already but had no reply will be eagerly waiting to see their love come in pink.
Purple or Grey will signify that you are not interested to accept any proposal. This also means that the proposer can have another turn.
If you have broken up with your love, choose yellow as it is a sign of “Break Up”.
Brown colour is considered to be the saddest colour. This is because it denotes that you carry a broken heart. If you have already undergone many sorrows and tears in love, and have a heart that is torn apart, you can wear brown on Valentine’s Day.
I hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with love.
Have a blessed weekend.
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