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Valentine’s Day turns sour: Reactions

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
VALENTINE’S Day turns sour, was the title of the article I ran last week. The write-up attracted reactions with some readers condemning the man while others blame the woman for being blind to the reality that was right before her eyes.
For those who missed the write up, the gist is that a woman, in her effort to rekindle the love lost in her relationship with her boyfriend, decided to prepare a surprise dinner at his apartment while he was away at work. Unfortunately the surprise was on her as the man walked in with another woman.
Borris of Chingola writes:
Dear Doris,
Sometimes women go to extremes to try and please a man even when the signs are there that the man is no longer interested. I doubt if this was the first time the woman was learning that her man was dating someone else.
As a man, my advice to women is that if a man does not call you as often as he used to or visit you as often, those are signs that there is another women keeping him busy. It’s a confirmation that it’s time to move on.
Hello Madam Kasote,
Your write-ups are really in touch with reality. What happened to the poor woman are situations that happen in our everyday life. I was in love with a man who I gave my all to. When he does not take me out, I would never go anywhere but stay home until he shows up. Little did I know that the moments he was not with me, he was busy entertaining other women.
Madam X.
Hello Doris,
I feel for that woman who was heartbroken. The man should also be ashamed of his behaviour. How does he take another woman home when he knows there is a woman who has access to his apartment?
However, sometimes, it is better the truth hits you in the face than pretend all is well.
Women should also not be too desperate for relationships. Such are the repercussions.
Dear Doris,
I feel for this woman and know what she is going through. For me, I was dumped on my birthday, that is how insensitive men can be. He could not even wait to do it until after my birthday. I recall the morning of my birthday three years ago, I received a call from him and my first thought was that it was a call to wish me a happy birthday, only to drop a bombshell that he did not want to see me anymore.
That is it for the week.
Until next week, let’s keep in touch,

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