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Valentine’s Day celebration goes sour

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
THE excitement that filled the air during Valentine’s Day was here and has gone. There was love in the air for those who recognise the day. The usual exchange of gifts was evident with business entities seeing an opportunity to make a killing out of the day.
However, this was not the case with Nancy (not real name), who on this day thought she would patch up her differences with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, things only got worse.
As she excitedly waited for him at home, she prepared a romantic meal, hoping they would discuss the problems that had engulfed their relationship for a long time.
Since she had the keys to his apartment, she thought she would surprise him by knocking off early, do the groceries and rush to his house to cook a meal for the both of them.
Hours later, her boyfriend finally arrived, but he was not alone. Since she was dozing, she initially thought her sight was betraying her. But when she became fully conscious, the man was staggering in with another woman. The woman had a bouquet of red roses and a gift bag.
Upon setting his eyes on her, he immediately became furious and asked what she was doing in his apartment. He began to hurl insults at her while the other woman watched in glee.
Nancy tried to remind him that the two had a long-standing relationship, but the man said he has often told her to move her clothes from his house. At this point, the other woman rushed to the bedroom, a sign that she knew the geography of the house, and began throwing out Nancy’s clothes.
It was late and Nancy thought her boyfriend would not be that cruel to throw her out. Before she could realise it, he pushed her out of the house while some neighbours watched. The neighbours were attracted because of the noise, especially that it was block of flats.
Nancy walked in the rain as tears rolled down her face. She could still hear the laughter of her boyfriend and the other woman giggling and chatting.
When she finally got a taxi to take her home, she began to recall the efforts she had previously made to make the relationship come this far.
Shattered and betrayed, she felt it was time to pick up the pieces and move on. She consoled herself by having faith that one day she will find a man who will appreciate her.
Until next week.

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