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UTH should confirm Ireen was prematurely discharged

Dear editor,
SINCE when did over a week become overstaying at the University Teaching Hospital? I write in response to a letter addressed to this column by Ireen’s relative from Mtendere who claim their relative was admitted to UTH over a week ago in GO2 bed nine but was sent away claiming she had overstayed at the hospital.
If this is true I’m saddened because I have seen people admitted to UTH for over a month and no one has been discharged for overstaying. The Zambia Daily Mail this week carried a story about a named Edward has been admitted to Levy Mwanwasa Hospital for over two years but has not been discharged for over staying.
Can Management at UTH confirm such a report and tell the nation if this true and why, or a fabricated story aiming at tarnishing the image of the UTH management and the government.