UTH conducts major surgery

DOCTOR Kachinga Sichizya (right), Dr Hue Bai and Dr John Mugamba conduct the operation on Friday at UTH.

A TEAM of three surgeons at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) has successfully conducted a seven-hour major surgery on a patient with a brain  tumour.
On his Facebook page, renowned Zambian neurosurgeon Kachinga Sichizya wrote that by 17:00 hours on Friday, the operation was still going on.

“Major surgery at the UTH: It is Friday today but for us in the neurosurgery theatre and the orthopedics theatre in the next operating room, we were still operating past 5pm. This is what is happening every day at the UTH. There is such a beautiful spirit of service to try and alleviate the suffering of those afflicted by illness,” Dr Sichizya said.
Dr Sichizya praised the hospital and other aligned staff for the job well done.
Attached to his Facebook posting are pictures of the renovated main street in the operating theatre and the refurbished theatre rooms in the Phase 3 theatre at UTH.
“Right here in the UTH, just in case you thought you were in another country. UTH is shining!” Dr Sichizya wrote.  
Dr Sichizya praised the team he was working with during the operation.
“The new breed of anaesthetists led by Dr Christopher Chanda is such a committed group of young doctors. Doctors and nurses and the rest of the staff, led by Dr Clarence Chiluba, are motivated to lift up the level of service. Today, it took us seven hours to evacuate a cerebello-pontine angle tumour.
“The neurosurgeons operating with me included Dr John Mugamba and Dr Hue Bai from the Chinese delegation of surgeons. Also assisting were Dr Ali Ilunga and Dr Martine Kumbo. The anesthetic team consisted of Dr Nashati and Dr Patrick Kalenga. The nursing team Sister Chipoya and nurse Phiri. Others were a Ms Maimbolwa and Amon Silomba.
The patient is recovering in the intensive care unit (ICU). Dr Arnold Bhebhe, a vibrant young man with a dream to pursue neurosurgery, missed surgery today due to an illness. We wish him quick recovery,” Dr Sichizya wrote on his Facebook page.
As his custom is, Dr Sichizya could not end without gratitude to God: “We give all the glory to God for the safe surgery and pray for quick recovery of the patient.”


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