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Using analytical skills for our benefit

WE live in an era that is saturated with information due to advancements in technology.
A few years ago, information flow was slow such that it took time for people to know what was going on other side of the world.

Radio, television and print media that could not be easily accessed were the main means of dissemination of information.

The information disseminated through these media was highly censored, with some of it hidden from some age groups.
Of course it cannot be rule out that some of the young people could have had access to information that was not meant for them but at least the rate of control was high.
The advancement in technology has brought about the proliferation of media institutions and information is now on our finger tips and can easily be accessed.
This means there is little control of dissemination and access to information. However, not every information in the media is beneficial hence the need for us to develop analytical skills.
Analytical skills are important because some of the information accessed may not be very accurate.
Analytical skills help in assessing any information to determine whether it is reliable and authentic. Without analytical skills, one would embrace all disseminated information, including false information as true.
With analytical skills, advanced technology plays a significant role in availing vital information.
Analytical skills help one to get the right kind of information in the wake of advanced technology.
1Corinthians 10:23 says, “Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible but not everything is constructive.”
The quotation shows that not everything we encounter is beneficial or constructive.
However, it is impossible to avoid encounters with information that is not beneficial and unconstructive. It is incumbent upon us to control the information we choose to influence our lives.
The advantage of analytical skills is that all information can be analysed for its benefits to a person. Any information that does not seem to be constructive or beneficial should be ignored.
This will help us to use technology to accomplish our daily tasks.
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