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‘He used to lock me up to fight’

THE Matero local court heard how a 38-year-old man of Lusaka’s George township would lock up his wife in the house to fight on condition that whoever wins will be able unlock the door and walk out of the house.
This is a case in which Maggie Namukazya, 30, also a resident of George township sued Andrew Siluwonde for marriage reconciliation after the latter abandoned her and their five children.
Namukazya told the court that she got married to Siluwonde in 1997 though he never paid dowry.
She told the court that the problem began when he started abandoning his family every month after he got paid.
Namukazya said they were evicted from the house they rented after Siluwonde failed to settle rentals.
“This man has twice disappeared after getting his pay. He does not support his children as expected of a father but spends his money entertaining girlfriends,” She said.
Namukazya told the court Siluwonde is a very violent man adding that he takes pleasure in mistreating his family.
“Sometimes after marital disputes he locks the house for us to fight and says whoever wins will open the door and walk out,” she said.
Namukazya narrated how Siluwonde sold all their household goods after he was fired by the company he previously worked for.
And Namukazya’s mother, Queen Nambule, 55, told the court that Siluwonde makes a lot of money.
She said when Siluwonde has money he buys crates of castle lager and hires a taxi to drive around while his children and wife starve at home.
However Siluwonde, a mechanic, who appeared before senior court magistrates Petronella Kalyelye and Lewis Mumba denied ever abandoning his family after getting paid.
He said in his 17 year old marriage he has provided for his family.
“I have five children with her. How can I stop taking care of them after all this time we have spent together,”Siluwonde said.
Passing judgment, the court ordered Siluwonde to pay Namukazya K600 monthly as child maintenance.