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I use ‘tools’, woman tells court

THE Matero Local Court was turned into a comedy show when a sexually-starved Lusaka housewife narrated how she has resorted to using objects to satisfy herself.
23-year-old Enala Lungu of Marapodi township complained that she now uses objects for self-gratification as her husband Lameck Lungu denies her conjugal rights because he cannot meet her sexual needs.
“I don’t feel complete as a wife because he denies me my conjugal rights yet he seems to be sexually satisfied because he usually comes home shaved. And he beats me when I ask him who does it on my behalf,” Enala said.
She complained before senior court magistrate Lewis Mumba that she has had to be created and learn techniques for self-gratification by using objects because she has not had sexual relations with her husband for one year seven months.
Enala was narrating in a case in which she sued her husband Lameck Lungu, 28, for marriage reconciliation. The court heard that the couple have no child and that no bride price was paid.
“I have tried seducing him by wearing provocative clothing or walking naked in our bedroom but he is not moved. He says I am too fat to arouse him sexually,” she said.
Lameck complained that his wife thinks marriage is about sex and that sex is happiness in a marriage.
“The problem is that my wife thinks that happiness is all about sex in a marriage. I have told her that it’s difficult to have sexual relations when I have a lot of pressure from work but she does not understand,” he said.
He, however, confessed that he has lost interest in Enala because of her behaviour which includes inspecting his private parts each time he knocks off from work to ensure he has not been with other women.
The court failed to reconcile the couple and advised Lameck to sue for divorce because he has lost interest in the marriage and his wife.

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