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Use talent to determine careers, advises First Lady

FIRST Lady Esther Lungu is impressed by the dedication and passion of comedians in their quest to help alleviate challenges faced by the less-privileged in society.
Speaking when she officiated at the ‘Local is Laka’ comedy festival at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on Friday night, Mrs  Lungu said she believes everyone can be a blessing to someone by sharing the little they have.
“It is my firm belief that there is something that each one of us can do in life to be a blessing to our fellow human beings in need. Therefore, we should not look down on ourselves as incapable of helping. Let us lift ourselves and help that brother or sister in need,” she said.
Mrs Lungu said it is sad that natural talent is being suppressed by the quest for white-collar careers.
She said that people who double profession with talent are more likely to excel than those who pursue careers not in line with their talents.
Mrs Lungu further stressed the need for parents to help their children identify their talents at a young age so that they help them utilise their God-given abilities.
She said children should be moulded as employment creators, business owners and innovators because that will help grow the economy.
“As a country, let us begin to focus on identifying talent as a way of improving the economy. No matter how challenged, you can start up a talent school or a Zambian professional comedy institute because you comedians are enough to lead the institution and motivate the participants,” said Mrs Lungu.
The First Lady also urged the media to partner with the National Arts Council to expose positive talent in all its form to preach peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation because as the media they have the power to build or destroy.
The comedy festival saw on stage the likes of Collins ‘the president’ Zulu, Bob Nkosha, Chike Mwisho and Brighton Sinkala.
And the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) says leadership must be nurtured in young people at a tender age so that the country can have good leaders, reports ELIZABETH LWENJE in Chongwe.
And JCTR has engaged in a leadership capacity training programme aimed at molding young Zambians into better future leaders.
JCTR director of programmes Fr. Kelly Michelo said, during a leadership training workshop for school going leaders at Mt Zion Retreat Centre in Chongwe, that JCTR has developed a curriculum for a leadership training programme which will also be extended to non-Catholic schools country-wide.
He said the goal of the programme is to come up with responsible leaders who can think and articulate issues for a just and humane world.

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