Use solar power, Livingstone business houses urged

Solar panels.

THE Livingstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has urged the business community in the tourist capital to consider using solar panels to reduce over-dependence on hydro power generated by Zesco Limited.
LCCI president Namakau Siyanga said business houses should invest in solar panels, which have proved to be environmentally-friendly and also cost-effective.
In an interview recently, Ms Siyanga said the use of alternative energy sources will greatly contribute to the growth of the economy as the power burden on Zesco will be reduced.
“It is a sheer waste of time to play a blame game instead of working with Government to look for solutions,” Ms Siyanga said.
She said despite the current hydro-power generation deficit, the business community should continue with production to move the country’s socio-economic.
Ms Siyanga also urged the business fraternity to consider other energy sources that are viable in sustaining productivity.
“We need to realise that load-shedding has a solution and concentrate on finding ways that can cushion the challenge. Playing blame games is time-wasting,” she said.

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