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ZAMBIAN men should heed the timely and life-saving warning by the Zambia Medical Association of Zambia (ZMA) that those in the habit of using sex-boosting substances such as aphrodisiacs risk being dysfunctional if they do not desist from the practice.
The warning comes in the wake of suspicions that a highly sought after energy drink, Natural Power, contains sex-boosting substances.
Last week, a Ugandan man is said to have experienced an abnormal erection after he allegedly consumed Natural Power drink produced by Revin Zambia.
“We have received a report from the Ugandan Medical Regulation Authority concerning the product. We have had men who have died because of heart problems after taking aphrodisiacs.
“It is irresponsible for a company to use an aphrodisiac in a drink. This is where the Zambia Bureau of Standards and Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) should also come in and do their work,” ZMA president Abidan Chansa said.
The Ugandan Drug Authority alleged that Natural Power, which is meant to be an energy drink, contains Viagra, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.
The producers of the drink in question insist that it does not contain Viagra.
The challenge is on ZAMRA, Ndola City Council (NCC), and other such bodies to institute thorough investigations into the matter.
This is important to safeguard the health of Zambians, particularly men.
It is commendable that ZAMRA, NCC and Zambia Bureau of Standards have ordered the company to stop producing and distributing the drink until investigations are concluded.
This incident also presents an opportunity for the regulatory bodies to extend the spot-checks or investigations to energy drinks produced by other companies to ascertain if they contain only what they state.
This is important to clear the air considering that so many people are finding solace in energy drinks amid stressful lives.
This will help members of the public to make informed decisions on whether it is safe to take the energy drinks provided on the market.
While there are those men like the Ugandan complainant who suspect to have taken sex-boosters unknowingly, there are others who use them by choice.
There are a lot of men out there who, in a bid to boost their libido, take Viagra and other sex-boosting drugs. Others resort to using traditional concoctions to boost their libido.
While these drugs may be considered as a remedy for erectile dysfunction, if taken without prescription of the doctors, they can cause more harm than good.
According to medical experts, all erection dysfunction drugs come with sides-effects.
Some side-effects may be mild such as headache, body aches, digestive problems, dizziness, vision changes and flushes.
In other instances, effects of sex-boosters may be severe leading to cancer, prolonged erection (as was the case with the Ugandan), heart attack and death.
Dr Chansa says strong drugs such as Viagra should only be administered as and when prescribed by a medical expert.
Viagra has been used to treat pulmonary hypertension because it reduces a patient’s chances of progressing to dependency on oxygen cylinders.
In instances where Viagra may need to be administered, medical personnel first conduct several tests, including heart checks, to determine whether it is safe for the patient to take it.
Unfortunately, some men who secretly access these drugs without prescription may not be able to determine whether it is safe to take them or not.
In unfortunate instances, taking Viagra when one has a heart condition has led to death.
There are instances of people dying in the course of meeting with their partners due to heart failure caused by sex-boosters.
Others have ended up in hospitals because of prolonged erections.
Men will therefore do well to follow natural ways of boosting their libido instead of risking their precious lives.
To boost their libido, men should exercise more often and choose their diet carefully.
Sex-boosting drugs and concoctions are certainly not a solution.
Men, and the public in general, should also take interest in reading contents of these energy drinks and indeed other foods on the market to be sure that they are not ingesting substances which are harmful to the body.
This also calls for scrutiny of quantities. For instance, while caffeine is one of the ingredients in energy drinks, its excess use can harm the body.

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