Letter to the Editor

Use Facebook wisely, it will haunt you

Dear editor,
THE coming of Facebook has made sharing information across geographical boundaries much easier.People are now able to keep each other updated on life events, regardless of geographical location.
Facebook is indeed a good tool for sharing information in real time.
While this may be so, some people are abusing the tool by posting wrong things.
While some people may not walk on the streets in a bikini, they find it easy to post pictures of themselves taken in private places in such attires on Facebook.
Some people use Facebook to post obscene material.
Others use it to boast about their achievements and life events.
Some insensitive individuals post pictures of nasty accident scenes with dead bodies strewn all over.
What they know is that what they post on the platform is a reflection of who they are. It gives viewers an insight into their values.
Actually, some employers are now using Facebook as part of their investigations for potential employees.
What people post on Facebook could actually haunt them.

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