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Use your calibration, testing facilities, ZABS implores mines

ONE of the key functions of the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is to provide facilities or make arrangements for the testing and calibration of precision instruments, gauges and scientific apparatus for the determination of their degree of accuracy and certification thereof.
And in line with this function, ZABS has set up the metrology laboratory and various testing laboratories ranging from petroleum, electrical testing to condoms testing laboratories, to name but a few.
You will agree with me dear reader that the mining sector in Zambia is a very critical part of the economy and as such, all mining equipment should and must meet the required standards to achieve optimum operation and consequently bring in the much needed revenue. Metrology services are therefore critical to this strategic industry.
As ZABS, we are concerned about the quality and safety of mining equipment and, in this article, we would like to share with you information about the trip that we undertook between March 23 and 27, 2015 to engage various mining firms to see how best we can offer our services in that area.
One fact I would like to share with you is that ZABS metrology laboratory houses the national measurement standards and provides calibration services that are traceable to international measurement standards.
Experts define metrology as the science of measurements and its applications. The objective of metrology is to establish uniformity in measurement throughout the world.
Metrology is needed not only to comply with standard and regulation requirements for a unified international system but also to facilitate world trade and eliminate technical barriers to trade.
Metrology is, therefore, essential to manufacturers, suppliers and customers of goods and services as all must have confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the measurements made at every stage of trade.
Technical experts further define calibration as the science of comparing or correlating the readings of an instrument with those of a standard in order to check the instrument’s accuracy. In this case, customer equipment are compared or correlated against ZABS standard instruments.
The use of calibrated instruments at all levels of production is critical for goods to be accepted internationally. Our trip, therefore, was aimed at encouraging the mining sector in Zambia to make use of our calibration services.
It was during this visit that we took the opportunity to also sensitise our stakeholders in the mining sector of the competencies of the metrology and testing laboratory which include the ability to calibrate equipment in the fields of mass, volume, temperature, length, pressure, electrical, force and the ability to test mining and exploration samples for metal content.
ZABS boasts of its mass and volume calibration laboratories in the metrology section being accredited, which demonstrates competence and guarantee that any calibrations conducted will be internationally recognised. This of course puts ZABS at equal standing with other laboratories in the world that are also accredited for a similar service.
In the field of testing mining and exploration samples for metal content, the laboratories’ scope of testing ranges from exploration samples, quarry lime, geological samples, concentrates, copper blisters to finished copper. It is no doubt that ZABS is a strategic organisation charged with the responsibility of ensuring the quality of measurements is adhered to.
We do hope that with this information, one of our major clients, the mining sector, will partner with ZABS to ensure that their equipment is periodically calibrated to help them produce zero defect products, improve productivity and reduce cost and inventory. Don’t delay, contact us now!
The author is head of marketing and public relations
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