US won’t impose values

MR Foote with a beneficiary of one of the many health programmes funded by the United States government through PEPFAR USAID, and CDC.

ON THE day Zambia gained independence from Britain on October 24, 1964, the United States of America (USA) recognised Zambia as a new state and subsequently elevated its consulate in Lusaka to embassy status.
In today’s column, the US Ambassador to Zambia Daniel L. Foote gives a detailed outlook of how the US diplomatic relations with government.
Q: Can you give us a brief background of the diplomatic relations between the United States and Zambia?
A: The United States and Zambia have enjoyed warm relations since Zambia’s independence. The United States recognised Zambia on Independence Day and elevated the American consulate in Lusaka to embassy status.
Our goals in Zambia seek to strengthen Zambia’s democracy and governance so that the country may maximise its resources to achieve inclusive economic prosperity for all and protect and develop its most important resource, its people, which will advance peace and security not only in Zambia but also throughout the region.
Q: Has the administration of Donald Trump changed the US assistance programmes to Zambia, particularly in the area of health?http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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