Letter to the Editor

UPND’s copy, edit and paste campaigns

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my disappointment with the UPND campaign gimmicks which are nothing but copy, edit and paste of their opponents’ messages. Surely, for all the money that the UPND has, they couldn’t come up with better campaign songs and messages. Let’s analyse some of them below;
1. Dununa Forward – a flop and copycat of the PF’s ‘Dununa Reverse’ song which has been a hit!
2. Belo Yati Ngili-Ngili – a flop too as back in the days, anyone who went to school in the afternoon especially in secondary school had not made it for the morning classes and who wants to be associated with such?
3. Watermelon Campaign – this just confirms that the UPND are wolves in sheep skin and behind all the violence that has characterised this campaign period. They disguise themselves in PF regalia and go on rampage brutalising innocent citizens hoping that the PF would be blamed.
Promising free plots and education up to university is a fallacy and stopping road constructions when in power will not get the UPND any votes. I was one of those who wanted to give the UPND a chance in this election but clearly they have a lot of growing up to do not to mention originality.

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