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UPND councillors in near punch-up over land

A PUNCH-UP almost erupted on Monday between two United Party for National Development (UPND) councillors during a full Choma Municipal Council (CMC) meeting over a piece of land one councillor has obtained.
The altercation started when Kulundana ward councillor Jonas Munkombwe asked whether Jackson Makwamba, as chairperson of the real estate development committee, was in order not to declare interest in the debate of a piece of land he has acquired on Choma-Livingstone road.
This angered Mr Makwamba, who told Mr Munkombwe not to start “witch-hunting” because he would “soon” get what he is looking for.
The visibly annoyed Mr Makwamba, however, left the room and only returned after the full council meeting had finished analysing the progress of his committee.
The councillors were reviewing progress for various committees of the local authority.
“Honourable Munkombwe, let me warn you that witch-hunting is not a solution and it will not take you anywhere because I am not the only councillor who has acquired a plot,” Mr Makwamba said.
He returned after the meeting had started discussing the audit committee and upon his arrival, Mr Munkombwe rose on a point of order to find out if his colleague was in order to take his seat without apologising for issuing threats against another councillor.
“Your worship, I would like to find out if my colleague has something to say over the earlier statements he issued. Something like an apology,” he said.
Mr Makwamba was, however, not amused with Mr Munkombwe’s remarks saying he could not apologise.
“I cannot apologise.  Honourable Munkombwe has started a war which will never end. The war has just started,” he said.
Mr Makwamba said many names of councillors are appearing on the list of people who have acquired land in Choma and he wonders why Mr Munkombwe has decided to pick on him.
“You and I shall face each other very soon. If you want let’s go outside and fight,” he said.
Mr Munkombwe, took up the challenge, got off his seat and made for the exit in readiness for a fight, but mayor Professor Mwaanga intervened in the matter and told Mr Munkombwe to take his seat.
Mr Mwaanga said there is no need to fight because the councillors belong to the same council.
“There is no need for us to start fighting. If we are to develop Choma, we need to be united because we are indeed one,” he said.