Uphold Sata’s stance on discipline, says Mwila


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary general Davies Mwila has urged the general membership to be active vision carriers of the party and uphold discipline

and unity.
Mr Mwila says all members must protect the party from any form of disruption and ensure that they familiarise themselves with its constitution and disciplinary code.
He said members must be effective instruments of creating better lives for citizens and defending the unity, integrity and principles of the ruling party.
Mr Mwila said Article 6 of the PF constitution emphasises the importance of having members of high political and moral values.
“Our founding President Mr Michael Chilufya Sata could not have mobilised the party to a point of it forming office had there not been discipline.
“Zambians will recall when the central committee under President Sata took a rather unpopular decision to expel 27 rebel MPs who at the time had gone to the National Constitutional Conference, contrary to the position of the party.
“President Sata believed no one was indispensable and that principle remains true to this day. It has been Patriotic Front’s position to discipline errant individuals if they don’t adhere to the governing intra-party processes,” he said.
This is according to a statement issued yesterday by PF media director Sunday Chanda.
Mr Mwila said PF is committed to remaining relevant to present and future generations and is alive to changing times.
He paid tribute to founder and long-standing members and urged them to embrace new ones to ensure that PF remains Zambia’s number one party of choice.
“There is only one green colour once you join PF. We shall not polarise membership on the number of greens, whether light, dark or darker – green is green and that’s what counts,” he said.

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