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Upcoming journalists in WIN mentorship

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Children’s Corner with PANIC CHILUFYA
IN MOST countries, positions of decision-making and leadership are usually male-dominated and the media is no exception, this trend has often led to women being deprived of a strong voice and mentorship opportunities.
To deal with this WAN-IFRA through Women in News (WIN) has come up with initiatives by creating platforms for women who have chosen journalism as a career path to interact with role models and mentors.
One such initiative is Future Leaders (FLs) project which enables young women to benefit from in-classroom training in leadership, presentation skills, advocacy tactics and blogging techniques to university students, drawn from local communities.
Recently, WIN hosted the second FLs meeting at the University of Zambia and three journalists from Zambia Daily Mail were kind enough to provide mentorship to students from the Department of Media and Communications Studies.
Senior sub-editor and WIN member, Margaret Chisanga explained the different types of entrepreneurship that a journalist can engage in during her presentation about Journalism and entrepreneurship. She also demonstrated how the FLs could use social media to make money from their interests like fashion, makeup, girls’ education, early marriages, events management, writing and other hobbies as practicing journalists. Margaret emphasised that personal branding was equally important if one was to succeed in their field of entrepreneurship.
Sunday Mail reporter, Doreen Nawa shared tips on how the FLs could effectively report on climate change and agriculture especially that not many people report on these two topics as they are considered too technical.
She encouraged the students to use social media; Doreen has her own blog which has earned recognition on the African continent and given her immense travel opportunities.
Court reporter and chairperson of Zambia Media Women Association Caroline Kalombe spoke about the importance of networking for one to be an effective journalist. She urged the FLs to always be professional if they are to avoid some of the pitfalls that have befallen others before them and to avoid being taken advantage of inside and outside the newsroom. Caroline encouraged the students to sign up as members if they are to benefit from the services of the association.
Earlier, two lecturers from the department, Carole Phiri-Chibbonta and Roberta Muchangwe commended WIN for the initiative and they urged the students to take advantage of such opportunities to network and learn from the professionals who have experience gained from working in the media for some time.
Most students expressed happiness for having had the opportunity to interact with senior journalists and that the presentations were inspirational, informative and interesting. They look forward to putting into practice the knowledge gained from the interaction.
Remember, children are our future, until next week, take care.
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