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Upcoming designer calls for support

UP-AND-COMING Lusaka fashion designer Christina Kapenda has called on fashion designers in the country to support one another to promote the growth of the industry.
In an interview with the Weekend Mail, the 22-year-old founder of Style Xploits Fashions and Xploit Fashion Magazine urged established fashion designers to mentor budding designers who are in dire need of support.
“With the massive increase in the number of designers in Zambia, big fashion designers should help the upcoming designers who need serious support.
“The fashion industry is growing very fast and so is the competition…being in this industry calls for discipline, maturity, hard work, vision, passion, creativity, pushing hard and most of all support from established designers,” Kapenda said.
She observed that the fashion industry in western countries has flourished because of the unity of purpose exhibited by both budding and established fashion designers.
“Fashion designers need to support and mentor one another for Zambia to move to the next level in the industry. Western industries are making it because they support each other in many ways,” the former Evelyn Hone College fashion and design student, said.
And Kapenda bemoaned the negative perception that some sections of society have about people who take up fashion design as a career.
“Some people think being in the world of fashion is a waste of time and it only opens doors to bad vices in society, but fashion and design should be taken seriously because it has provided employment to young people like models, designers, tailors and others,” she said.
As a budding fashion design, Kapenda said lack of financial support has hampered her quest to develop her skills.
“I could not even participate in the Zambia Fashion Week because of lack of finances,” she said.
Away from the challenges, Kapenda said she is happy that the fashion industry has embraced local designs aimed at promoting the country’s rich cultural heritage.

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