UNZA students in K35m windfall

GOVERNMENT has released K35 million for tuition fees, project allowances and other emoluments to students on bursary and loan schemes at the University of Zambia (UNZA).

Ministry of Higher Education acting permanent secretary Alex Simumba said in an interview that the funds are with the ministry and will soon be disbursed to students who are on bursary and loan schemes at the higher learning institution.
“We received K35 million from the treasury to pay our various obligations to students on bursary at the University of Zambia. This money will be used to pay meal allowances, tuition fees, project allowances and other fees,” Mr Simumba said.
He said Government will ensure students on bursary are well-taken care of for them to successfully complete their studies.
And Mr Simumba said Government has so far paid out K6 million out of the K18 million budgeted for in tuition fees for students on bursaries in Technical Education Vocation and Entrepreneurship Training (TEVET) institutions.
He said Government is committed to ensuring it pays what it owes TEVET schools in bursaries to improve their operations.
He said most TEVET schools depend on funds from tuition fees to manage their operations, hence the need for Government to meet its obligation of settling the bills.
Mr Simumba also said plans to actualise the Skills Development Fund (SDF) aimed at helping TEVET institutions with money to improve their operations have advanced.
He said an implementation framework, operations manual and other rules and regulations for the operationalisation of the SDF have already been put in place.
Mr Simumba said the resources from the funds will be used to improve infrastructure in TEVET institutions, as well as enhance their training capacity.


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