Letter to the Editor

UNZA confusion over distance students

Dear editor,
ALLOW me through your platform to express my disappointment with what I will term “organised confusion” at the University of Zambia (UNZA).
Since the outbreak of coronavirus, we expected the institution to put in place measures that would ensure seamless delivery of lectures to their distance students.
This has never been done and many students have been kept guessing as to what the next course of action will be for them. Surprisingly, the institution sent e-mails informing students that their online lectures have already begun.
This is not how things ought to be done, more so that they claim exams are only a few weeks away. Already, students do not even know if these exams will take place, and if they do, it is not known whether they will be virtual or physical.
UNZA should understand better that anybody else that most distance students have a myriad of other responsibilities to attend to, such as jobs, businesses and family, among others. They therefore do not deserve such stress.
Can the people in charge of communication at UNZA please pull up their socks? The haphazard way of doing things takes away from the reputation the institution has built over the years.

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