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Unsightly roadsides or yard frontages

Dear editor,
I WRITE to express my view over the unsightly state of some roadsides and yard frontages. There is too much litter on most Lusaka roads in residential areas. Lubu Road is a case in point.
The area on the left hand side of Lubu Road as one approaches the T-junction with Los Angeles Boulevard is an eyesore. There is litter strewn all over the place on the ground outside the Argyll Gardens property.
I wish to ask the ones tasked with the responsibility to keep roads clean to clear this place filled with litter. There is also a lot of litter along Roan Road in Kabulonga, on the left hand side as one approaches the Bishop and Roan Road junction, just outside the double-storey flats on the left.
I would also encourage residents to take care of the space outside their fences as this helps to deter passers-by from contributing in littering the places.
The council could help by placing litter bins in strategic places so that slowly, we learn to throw litter in the right places.
Fellow countrymen and women, let us strive to keep our country clean. Avoid the indiscriminate throwing of litter along the streets as you walk or drive. Keep litter with you until you find a bin in which to discard it.