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Unsavoury remark leads to divorce

MEMORIES of an old ‘flame’ have cost a woman her marriage after she allegedly told her husband, her former lover sexually satisfied her more than he did.
This was heard in a case where Jennipher Mulenga, 24, dragged Evans Sichone, 30, of Chunga to court for divorce, although she later told the court she wanted her husband back.
Speaking before justices Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye in Lusaka’s Matero Local Court, Mulenga said problems in their marriage started when she was pregnant with her second child.
Mulenga said Sichone would go home late, adding that he even denied responsibility of the pregnancy.
“One day, he came home with pictures of a woman he said he wanted to marry and who understands his tradition,” she said.
Mulenga said Sichone stopped eating her food and also had the audacity to bring home the food the other woman cooked for him.
She said Sichone later sent her to her parents in Ndola, where she stayed for three months with no support for their children.
When she decided to return home in Lusaka, she found Sichone had re-married.
Mulenga, however, grudgingly said she is ready to be in a polygamous marriage.
In his testimony, Sichone said the two got married in 2010 and have two children together but problems in their marriage started as soon as they got married.
He said Mulenga insults him a lot and tells him he does not perform in bed.
“Mwe cilye (court), my wife has been telling me her former lover Wishes would sexually satisfy her more than I do. She does not even shave my pubic hair,” he said.
Sichone said Jennipher has disgraced him and he is not ready to take her back. Wishes, her former lover, also lives in their neighbourhood.
Passing judgment, Justice Mumba established that Sichone nver paid any bride price thereby dismissing Mulenga’s claim, saying the two were co-habiting.
There was no compensation for Mulenga but the court ordered Sichone to maintain his children with a monthly fee of K500.