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Unregistered Sim cards to be cut off

THE Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) has given mobile subscribers a month to update and verify subscriber identity module (SIM) card registration data or face permanent disconnection.
ZICTA set October 31, 2016 as the last day for sim card registration and verification.
ZICTA managing director Margaret Mudenda has since urged the public to check registration status with their respective mobile service providers before their sim cards are deregistered.
In a speech read on her behalf by ZICTA director for support services Mofya Chisala during the relaunch of the last SIM card verification exercise on Friday, Ms Mudenda urged mobile users to be compliant by following the regulations set by the authority.
“The registration exercise has been very important to those who have not verified their SIM cards. Please be advised that all SIM cards that are not properly registered will be permanently de-registered, if not corrected by October 31, 2016,” she said.
ZICTA is currently working with all the three mobile providers namely Airtel Zambia, MTN Zambia and Zamtel to ensure that all unregistered customers register.
At the same event, Airtel managing director Peter Correia urged customers to avoid registering in other people’s names and that Airtel is working with the other mobile service providers to ensure people do not buy second-hand SIM cards while Zamtel chief technical officer Sydney Mupeta said the firm has embarked on a sensitisation programme to enable more customers to verify their SIM cards.
Meanwhile, MTN Zambia has launched the business Cloud Services to boost efficiency and competiveness among small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
The new product composition will support basic business functionalities and has online back-up systems, video conferencing, constant contact e-mail, easy accounting among others.
MTN Zambia product manager enterprise solutions Chikondi Mwanza said internet services remain critical for meeting the changing SME needs by enabling them to store necessary information in relation to their business.
Mr Mwanza said, during the launch of the product on Friday, that small business owners need strategies on how to use internet marketing to promote their products or services effectively.
“… The Cloud services are an important tool for the SMEs sector as it will enhance their business’ cost effective, and will help SMEs accommodate the diversity of their businesses by providing effective back-up solutions,” he said.
Earlier, MTN head enterprise business Mark Townsend said SMEs presence in any economic environment symbolises growth, and this means better opportunities for the country.
“Our role is to provide convenient ways of doing business for companies that want to be more efficient in their information technology investment, whether big or small,” Mr Townsend said.
At the same event, MTN chief executive officer Charles Molapisi said, SMEs are a major contributor to economic growth and that there is need to unlock further opportunities in the sector to enable them create more jobs for the local people.”

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