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Unprotected sex case continues in public

A LAWYER who has sued her ex-lover for allegedly having unprotected sex with her, yesterday applied for the case to be heard in camera but later withdrew the request for the sake of progress.
Naomi Sithole, an assistant researcher at the Lusaka High Court, has accused Kelvin Milambo of engaging in behaviour which has potential to expose her to contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
Ms Sithole filed a complaint of unlawful and negligently engaging in acts which are likely to spread infections. The matter is before Lusaka magistrate Felix Kaoma.
Between March 26 and June 21 this year, Milambo allegedly unlawfully and negligently committed acts which he knew or had reason to believe were likely to spread the infection of dangerous diseases to Ms Sithole.
In the complaint, Ms Sithole said she knew Milambo in April last year, after Justin Nkhanga introduced him to her as a potential buyer of CLICK TO READ MORE