Letter to the Editor

Unpaid leave dues to retired workers

Dear editor,
I WRITE to find out from the hardworking Minister of Finance whether the central government releases funds for personal emoluments to clear the backlog of leave dues owed to retired civil servants.

Since 2014, District Education Board Secretaries (DEBS) have been crying foul that the central government does not disburse personal emoluments funds to line ministries. Chililabombwe is a case in point.
On July 16, 2017, during the Sunday Interview, the chairman for the Local Government Commission categorically stated that the central government releases emoluments on a monthly basis.
I am a civil servant who retired in 2009 and about K20,000 is still outstanding in leave dues.
This gives me an impression that a number of retired civil servants end up dying without accessing their funds. Could this mean that the funds released do not reach the DEBS offices but disappear between the Ministry of Education headquarters and the provincial office? Please, shed light on this vexing problem.

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