‘Unlock Zambia’s dairy industry’

TETRA Pak says there is need to unlock Zambia’s dairy industry through a sustainable value chain model that will ensure effective and safe delivery of milk.

Tetra Pak is an international food processing and packaging solutions company.
The company recently held a seminar aimed at identifying opportunities in the dairy industry in areas including raw milk production, packaging, storage and recycling.
According to a statement issued recently, Tetra Pak said establishing dairy hubs will go a long way in securing long-term supplies of local milk while helping smallholder farmers become profitable. This will also contribute to the unlocking of the dairy potential.
“Tetra Pak saw the need to hold this seminar because it is evident that Zambia is currently bootstrapping a revitalised economy that places a premium on developing rural infrastructure, employment, and other economic opportunities, which perfectly complement Tetra Pak’s sustainable value chain initiative,” the statement reads.
The company is committed to link farmers in specific locations to dairy processors that will establish milk collection stations with cooling tanks where farmers will deliver milk and also access knowledge and expertise for healthier animals, better production, and more profit from secure markets.
The statement reads that Tetra Pak’s sustainable value chain model puts emphasis not only on producers and retailers but also on rural communities as part of the beneficiary chain.
Tetra Pak says the successful implementation of a vibrant dairy sector requires the co-operation of all players.
“This can be achieved by including all the proper representatives, from Government through local business and on to local communities, and in so doing develop both the dairy and juice industries for generations of Zambians,” the statement reads.


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