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Union to promote orange maize

Orange maize

OVER 17,500 small-scale farmers are expected to be engaged in the promotion of orange maize, sunflower and use of herbicides in 16 districts.
The promotion will be conducted by National Union for Small-scale Farmers of Zambia (NUSFAZ) in collaboration with Cropserve Zambia Limited and will be done in form of demonstrations to be conducted in 16 selected districts in five provinces.
NUSFAZ director general Frank Kayula said the demonstrations are meant to popularise the planting and use of orange maize, sunflower and chemicals distributed by Cropserve Zambia Limited.
“The NUSFAZ in collaboration with Cropserve seeks to engage more than 17,500 small-scale farmers in outlying areas in Zambia in the promotion of orange maize, sunflower and the use of herbicides,” Mr Kayula said.
The sites will be implemented in Central, Eastern, Lusaka, Muchinga and Northern provinces.

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