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Unilus: Loose tops, long dresses hold


IT’S been over two weeks since the University of Lusaka (Unilus) deployed the fashion police on campus, banning revealing and suggestive clothing among students.
So has anything changed?
I interacted with some learners at the institution whose opinion is still divided over management’s decision.
“The rule is fine, it will promote professionalism among learners. But the implementation is a little too harsh,” one of the students told me.
Nzila, a public administration student at the institution said previously, students were given the leeway to wear clothes of their choice provided that they conformed with the dress code, but unfortunately some students went against the rules.
“To some extent, some students used to overdo it, you could see some students coming to school almost half naked. Yes as a student in a higher learning institution, you can wear what you want but you have to dress decently and appropriately,” Nzila said.
However for Nzila, the application of the rule is CLICK TO READ MORE