Letter to the Editor

Uniform meant for identification, not to please the eye

Dear editor,
A UNIFORM is meant for identification and not to please the eye. I don’t get the “it’s ugly” sentiments.
Two things are happening here.
1. We are failing to manage change. Zambians are averse to anything different or strange.
We love the status quo. We love being in the comfort zone. We love conformity. Nothing wrong with changing things, mixing them up and moving on. Soon we will be used to the uniform and love it.
2. We forget branding! This uniform is more of military type and gives you the impression of enforcement by the Customs Unit of ZRA as opposed to clerical dispersion.
The two colors used are ZRA corporate colours.
Did we want yellow uniforms with blue lines?
That would be too yellow.
I think I am at peace with this.

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