Letter to the Editor

Unhappy with Mufulira police traffic officers

Dear editor,
KINDLY allow me space to express my discontent at the unprofessional manner with which our traffic men in uniform conduct themselves in our district. To them, being in uniform seems to give them the power to interpret and enforce the law as they please.
Cases in point are:
1. While it is an offence for everybody else to use the phone whilst driving, this does not apply to them.
2. Despite the Inspector General and permanent secretary having issued a ban on the use of private vehicles to mount checkpoints and roadblocks, police officers in Mufulira use these tactics to ambush unsuspecting motorists
3. While it is against the law to confiscate drivers’ licences from motorists, this is common practice among our men and women in uniform.
4. If a motorist is caught up in traffic lights transition from amber to red, they right away interpret amber to be red without giving a chance to motorists in the box to clear out.
5. It is clear that prevention of traffic offences and accidents is not part of their agenda as they seem to be all out to make money.
The Anti-Corruption Commission and Drug Enforcement Commission should audit the police. They should compare their income to their lifestyles.
The police should emulate their colleagues from Road Transport and Safety Agency who take time to caution and educate motorists apart from prosecuting road traffic offenders. RTSA officers are always visible and use official attire and vehicles when carrying out their duties.
I am appealing to the Inspector General to come to our aid and bring sanity to Mufulira among men and women in uniform.

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