Letter to the Editor

Ungazetted positions in the civil service

Dear editor,
GOVERNMENT has in the past years embarked on extensive infrastructure development across the country in order to improve the lives of citizens.Without doubt, many Zambians now have easy access to social services such as health and education.
It is not surprising that the ruling party even adopted a slogan ‘ Sontapo’ literally meaning pointing at the infrastructure built during the 2016 General Elections.
Nonetheless, a lot of policy matters have remained behind in the civil service.
Some of the newly created districts, universities, secondary schools and hospitals have created vacancies for civil servants in Management and other positions.
However, most of these vacancies are not gazetted by the government.
This has made alot civil servants appointed to serve in these positions on acting basis for too long.
It is unacceptable to have people in acting positions for as long as 4 years.
We now have teachers seconded to Lecture in newly-created universities still classified as class teachers and some heads of Government departments are still junior officers in reality as they cannot be confirmed.
It is against the Zambian labour laws to have a person in acting position for over six months without confirmation.
I urge the Secretary to the Cabinet and the Public Service Management Division (PSMD) to expedite the process of gazetting new vacancies in the civil service and stop abrogating the national labour laws which are in line with the International Labour Organisation rights of workers.
The current scenario is even a breeding ground for corruption.Civil servants represent the President as they execute their duties directly to implement the policies of the Government.
The civil service is the backbone of the country. We need professionalism and intergrity to start in the civil service before we demand it from the private sector.

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