Letter to the Editor

Unfair business practices in Chinsali

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to alert the Zambia Competition and Consumer Protection Commission to investigate business malpractices in Chinsali, Muchinga district.The owners of the land want to exploit their own residents. How do you explain a situation where any business that opens in Chinsali that charges low prices is unwelcome?
Zambeef was not allowed because the local ‘businessmen’ would lose business. Zambeef is only in Mpika (170 kilometres away) and Nakonde (211 kilometres away). Most recently, a Chinese shop was closed because things were lowly priced.
Someone started a minibus business and was charging K10 from boma/town to turn-off. Local pirate operators who charge K15 protested and he was banned.
As a result, things are expensive here in Chinsali.
Capital Fisheries had to fight to operate and local business people protested.
Chinsali traders should know that trade needs no boundaries in Zambia.

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