Letter to the Editor

Unending repairs on road barricade at UNZA costly

Dear editor,
SOMEBODY once said it is folly to expect different results when you continue to do the same thing.
All of us who drive or walk along this stretch on Great East Road around the University of Zambia have noticed unending repairs done on the steel barricade on the median strip.
One wonders if it economical anymore to continue with the repairs when it is being damaged every other day.
The debris also pose a safety hazard to road users and in my view, the quality of the repair work by the contractor is very shoddy.
My understanding of the barricade was put there to divert or stop students from crossing from any point except on the crossover bridge that is for safety purposes.
But unfortunately due to the construction weakness, the barrier is often damaged and creates an opening which students use quite often.
So the question I have is …does the university or whoever is responsible see any value in this construction or do they need to try some other type of barricade e.g. concrete?
It is clear that the current barricade is not strong and is easily broken and may be useless in the next two to three years when corrosion takes its toll but more importantly, it looks very ugly especially with the street lights that are coming up.
We need to challenge our thinking and try things that will work permanently and the sooner we do it the better.
Somebody once said…if you do not do decide what you want, you will stay with what you have.

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