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Undernourished children in Zambia irks NGO

AGRO-RESULTS Innovation in Research and Delivery technical officer Kasashi  Ng`ona  says it is unacceptable for  Zambia to continue having undernourished children when the country is endowed  with nutritious foods.

Mr Ng`ona said in an interview that 40 percent of children in Zambia are stunted due to malnutrition which is contrary to Sustainable Development Goal number two that aims to end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.
He said his organisation is implementing a five-year project dubbed; the Zambia Biofortified maize prize competition with commercial millers and seed companies to increase awareness and consumption of biofortified  pro Vitamin A maize meal.                                              
“Vitamin A is critical for maternal and child health and it also helps in reducing mortality among women and children.  In Africa, over 500,000 women and children die every year due to lack of nutrients. This preventable illness causes blindness and increases the risk of infections,” Mr Ngona said.
He said Vitamin A is important for breastfeeding mothers and their children as it regulates the growth and division of body cells. It also helps the body to produce white blood cells when the person is sick or has an infection
Mr Ng’ona said last year-many farmers accessed the Orange  maize seed  as evidenced by the Farmer Input Support Programme being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture.  
“Last year, the records show that about 150 tonnes of the orange seed was sold and this year the number has gone to over 400 tones,” he said.
He has advised more farmers to engage in growing


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