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‘Umupondo’ Macky II rocks La Cigar

UMUPONDO Macky II of the Copperbelt, last Saturday night rocked Kamwala’s La Cigar nightclub, which was jam-packed with frenzied fans from Kamwala and surrounding townships.
The free, free, free show which started after 19:00hours with performances from Lusaka based artistes was however not free near stampedes and thievery.
Hours after Lusaka-based upcoming artistes churned out several beats, Macky II (Malaza Kaira) stormed the stage towards 23:00 hours much the amazement of the cheering crowds.
Clad in black and white attire and his usual copper neck chains and wrist watch bling, Macky II, who is renowned for his creative poetic rhymes, as usual, staged an entertaining performance that left his fans singing and dancing.
Appreciating his old days as a musician, Macky II introduced his performance with a medley of songs from his old albums, amid requests for So much more, one of his latest songs.
The latest rhythms that the Kopala swagger, who is also a songwriter and producer, sung included So Beautiful, Bana Chanda, So Much More and Ndimupondo as the fans screamed in ecstasy while others attempted to get to the stage for a handshake.
The crescendo of the show was after 23:30 when Macky 2 sang his So much more song, which left the audience wild with ecstasy.
Few minutes towards midnight, the former Big Brother Africa contestant announced his goodbye, much to displeasure of the fans, some of whom had too much to drink.
“Kuti twapyamo nomba [Can I leave now],” the artiste said as the crowd exclaimed, no! in disapproval.
The artiste only left the club few minutes after singing the converted Lolo Lolo song which features Izrael.
Meanwhile, after the show, one of the security men at the club said it was worrying that the event was towards the end characterised by near stampedes and reports of thefts.
“This place has been packed with near stampedes and it’s sad that there have been reports of thefts of electronic accessories,” the security man said.

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