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It’s ‘Ukutumpa Kwandi’ for Prince Max

WELL, if Kings Malembe Malembe’s latest album of Shut Up (Let God speak), is raising eye-brows, then Prince Max’s Ukutumpa Kwandi is simply hair-raising.
The title track, which literally means my “foolishness” is all but Prince’s daring message to the devil that he is not alone in his spiritual warfare.
According to him, he is filled with the Holy Spirit of the Lord and thus, no weapon fashioned against him shall prosper. He acknowledges that he who is in him is greater than one who is in the world because Jesus is his shield and strength.
Apart from the title-track, there are other inspiring songs.
The song Ni Mwe Mweka, according to Prince is about God being the only one who can send him to capture the lost souls.
Lesa Nanjimya, like on Ukutumpa Kwandi, features Clive Rixx, another gospel minister making some gospel noise across the continent.
Talking about Lesa Nanjimya, Prince is delighted in his ministry because God has lifted him up from his ordinary position to his extra-ordinary one.
The song Ababi prods all sinners to turn to Christ for salvation because through his crucifixion, Jesus took away their sorrows, pain and gave them the gift of life.
But on the song Sibaleka Kuchimwa, Prince says that most of us never stop sinning.
On Amaka, the More Than Conquerors church member prods us to wait upon God if we are to be filled with His strength and wisdom, while on We Shall Stand Strong, he says we should delight in walking with God because we do not know the day we shall be called upon to be united with Him.
Other songs that make-up this album, which comes 15 years after his debut project titled Iseni Muntule, include Satana Bamuma, Abasole (disciples) and Song of My Heart, which describes the discipleship in Prince, who started his ministry as a youth in the United Church of Zambia in Kabwe.
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