UK hails Zambia’s democracy

OUTGOING British defence attaché accredited to Zambia Ian Mills has hailed Zambia’s morality, values and democracy.

Colonel Mills says Zambia’s democratic dispensation is similar to the United Kingdom (UK) because the country’s institutions are aligned with the British institutions.
Colonel Mills said this yesterday when he bade farewell to Zambia Army deputy army commander Jackson Miti in Lusaka.
This is according to a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday by the Zambia Army public relations unit.
“The Zambian people are good and peace-loving with the great deal of hope,” he said.
Colonel Mills hailed the professional manner in which the Zambia Army has continued conducting its operations locally and internationally.
He said the Zambia Army has always responded well to the UK’s military training as evidenced in the professional conduct of the troops that are deployed in various peacekeeping operations.
And Col Miti, who is also chief of staff, said the Zambia Army’s relationship with the British has been good and strong.
“Most military customs practised by the defence force are borrowed from the British,” Maj Miti said.

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