UB40 portrait finds new home

STANBIC Bank Ndola Branch manager Chitalu Mulonda presents the UB40 portrait to winning bidder Ashwini Sagar.

LUSAKA – STANBIC Bank Zambia has found a new home for the autographed drawing of the famous band UB40 by upcoming artist Sylvester Mali.
Ashwini Sagar is now the proud owner of the life-like portrayal of the platinum-selling group, after

placing the winning bid of K10,000. The artwork depicts the band’s original line-up of Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey Virtue, who performed live in Lusaka last year at the Stanbic Music Festival.
“Our heartiest congratulations to Sagar on acquiring this unique artwork,” said Stanbic public relations and communications manager Chanda Chime-Katongo.
“We are delighted to announce that the portrait has finally found a home, and importantly, we have, through this auction, been able to help raise funds for Kucetekela Foundation as well as support a young artist in realising his potential.”
Kucetekela Foundation director Florence Lutale thanked Stanbic Bank and Sagar for their generous support to the Kucetekela Foundation.
“The funds will help in our work to provide scholarships to Zambian boys and girls who are academically promising but financially disadvantaged to attend excellent secondary schools,” she said.
The drawing made its debut at the 2016 Stanbic Music Festival, where it received a great deal of attention and praise from festival-goers. However, it was UB40’s reaction to the drawing that will stay with 23-year-old Sylvester Mali, the young artist whose respect for the celebrated band first inspired the portrait.
He describes his meeting with members of the group as “awesome, humbling and overwhelming” as they expressed their admiration for his work.
Sylvester’s passion for the arts began at the age of 15 but he did not pursue it seriously until 2015, using his art as a medium to speak to the masses. With no prior professional training apart from the technical drawing and art classes he undertook in secondary school, Sylvester is a self-taught art prodigy with a deep love for the subject, and for wildlife art in particular.
“I found there is a connection between what I do and music. UB40 are a legend and the group’s music lives on, influencing generation after generation. My thought was to do something inspirational that would also live on, and my art is basically a vision of what we hear or what I’ve heard about their songs,” he said.
Sylvester hopes to use his talent to inspire his peers to follow their dreams, and plans to undertake more charity work as he grows as an artist.
“We hope this inspires more young Zambian artists to reach out for their dreams and not to forget to inspire someone else along the way. This is what has made the auction special,” added Katongo.
The results of the draw and handover were overseen by auditing firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers Zambia.  LANGMEAD & BAKER


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