Twist of fate: Forgiving wife dies

IN A terrible twist of fate, the woman who recently forgave her husband for allegedly scalding her with hot water has died, apparently from her wounds.
Balinase Nyirenda, who was 43, died at 14:00 hours on Sunday at her home in Kabangwe, Chibombo district, Central Province.
Balinase, who worked for the Lusaka City Council, had sustained burns on her stomach and left shoulder in the incident two weeks ago.
The suspect, Jeremiah Nyirenda, her husband of 20 years, will now have to face justice, which is both blind and has no emotions. He has been re-arrested for murder.
When the Daily Mail interviewed Balinase from her hospital bed at Matero Level One Hospital, where she had been admitted for four days, she had insisted that CLICK TO READ MORE

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