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Tutwa applies for Habeas Corpus in Chama case

FOLLOWING alleged delay to start court proceedings against former Minister of Defence Davies Chama and a former diplomat, Brian Nyoni, for suspected murder, the duo’s lawyer, Tutwa Ngulube, has applied for Habeas Corpus.
This is a writ which compels the arresting authorities to bring a person in detention before a judge or into court to uphold the rights of the detainees.
The duo further intends to sue the state for alleged illegal detention.
Mr Chama, 57, and Mr Nyoni, 47, were arrested on November 13 this year and charged with alleged attempted murder of Mushaukwa Mushaukwa in Mulobezi in 2015.
The two were arrested and charged at Woodlands Police Station in Lusaka but were later moved to Sesheke where they are scheduled to CLICK TO READ MORE

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