Turkish construction firm eyes Zambia

A LEADING Turkish construction company Kolin is next month expected to undertake an investment visit to Zambia.
Kolin is rated among the top 250 high achieving international infrastructure firms in the world.
“This decision is an outcome of an investment promotion meeting held between the company’s co-ordinator, Kemal Kologlu, and Zambia’s ambassador to Turkey, Miriam Mulenga at the firm’s headquarters in Ankara yesterday,” deputy head of mission to Turkey Bwalya Nondo said in a statement issued yesterday.
He said the meeting was part of Zambian embassy’s continued crusade to identify and woo investors in infrastructure development, in keeping with Government’s quest for increased investment in the sector.
Mr Nondo said Kolin has executed a total of 119 projects worth US$5.8 billion in infrastructure development in various parts of the world.
He said the company has an extended business portfolio covering agriculture, food processing, leather industry, tourism, mining and energy among other sectors.
Mr Kologlu extolled Zambia as a conducive environment for investment.
And Ms Mulenga said Zambia is in dire need of infrastructure including housing units, hydro-power stations, bridges, roads, dams for irrigation and other vital amenities that are key to economic development.
She said Kolin’s diversified business portfolio in agriculture, food processing, leather industry, tourism, mining and energy would greatly boost Zambia’s economy once the company established its base in the country.
At global level, Turkey is classified as the second best in the construction industry, after China.

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