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Trust should not be abused in relationships

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
AFTER a hectic day at work, a man decided to make a stopover at a local pub to have a glass or two of wine before continuing his journey home.
While in the pub, he said there was a couple comfortably next to him.
As he sipped his wine, the woman excused herself to use the powder room.
While she was in the powder room, the man received a call where he did less of the talking and did more of the listening.
At some point, the man must have been asked where he was at that particular time and he claimed he had passed through one of the police stations.
The man who was narrating the story told me he could not help but giggle in a low tone because the police station that the other man mentioned was nowhere near where he was having a drink.
While over hearing the conversation, it was concluded that the couple were not married and the phone call must have been from his wife. The woman he was with was a female friend.
The man who narrated the story said he was taken aback at how his fellow man could lie to his wife with a straight face claiming he was following up something at a police station when he was with another woman.
He said the man’s utterances were the worst kind of abuse of trust. His wife probably believed his lies as he continued to enjoy his drink with his female friend.
The man’s concern was that this is how wives end up losing trust in some men because of their habits.
Speaking as a man, he said society is quick to blame wives who behave in a certain way but their behaviour is usually reactive. Women take in so much to a point where when they can no longer take the lies from some of their husbands, and their actions are rebellious.
He clarified that he did not support the behaviour of either men or women misbehaving but what is important is to get to the core of the problem. Unfortunately, society always blames women when a marriage has broken down when it takes two to make it work.
Husbands and wives should strive to share a trustworthy relationship, none should abuse that trust.
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