Letter to the Editor

Trump, Lungu on Zambia’s model of democracy

Dear editor,
I AM writing to warmly acknowledge President Donald Trump’s positive recognition of Zambia as a model of democracy in the southern region and the African continent at large.

The remarks made by the US President during the presentation of letters of credence for Ngosa Simbyakula as Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States highlights the confidence that the international community has in Zambia. We have a duty as citizens to uphold this great record of democratic excellence.
On the other hand, President Edgar Lungu also made interesting observations regarding the growth of democracy across the African continent. He made these remarks before going to Kenya. He correctly observed that we have a lot to learn in strengthening our democratic institutions and having the will of the people respected in all electoral processes.
It is my desire that Government will live to honour its commitment to strengthening Zambia’s democracy by implementing reforms that strengthen our electoral process before the 2021 general elections. This will ensure that the will of Zambians is freely expressed and respected in championing a democracy that other African countries should emulate.

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